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Services For Individuals

 Severance &  
 Exit Packages 
Maximize the value of your severance and exit package, whether your departure is voluntary or involuntary.  And get help negotiating the entrance package you deserve at your next venture.
 Promotion &  
You've put in the work to earn that promotion, title change, new job or raise.  Use behind-the-scenes guidance to maximize your own self-advocacy and the chances that you'll be awarded everything you deserve.
 Harassment &  
 Sexual Assault  
When the unthinkable happens,  KK Advising's gentle, client-centered support can help you figure out what the right next steps are for you -- whether it is aggressive accountability or quiet resolution.
 Discipline &  
 HR Investigations 
Too often, it is women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community who are targeted as scapegoats. KK Advising can help defend you against unfair discipline, demotion or HR investigations and protect your future opportunities.
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