Services For Employers

 Manage Employee  Issues 
When work relationships become 
too fraught for productive exchange, or when performance improvement needs outside assistance, KK Advising can provide direct or behind-the-scenes assistance. 
 Investigate Reports  Of Inappropriate  Behavior  
Some reports of inappropriate behavior involving employees require external support.  KK Advising ensures investigations are handled with the requisite
care, urgency, and nuance. 
 Strengthen Policies  & Procedures  
In our ever-changing world, personnel-related policies require updates to stay current with best practices.  KK Advising can assist on EEO, discipline, evaluation, development, fraternization, codes of conduct, and social media policy issues.
 Rebuilding &    Repairing Culture 
After leadership changes, significant turnover or downsizing, scandal, or other disruption, it is essential to rebuild and repair the workplace culture.  Let KK Advising help direct you to the creative solutions that will work best for your entire team.

Non-Legal Services

Sometimes cultivating and maintaining strong, equitable and effective teams doesn't require a privileged relationship or legal services.  To take advantage of a range of non-legal services, including trainings, Executive supports,and retreat facilitation, 
please visit Ramona Strategies.
Ramona Strategies