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 About KK Advising 

 Discrete, Powerful, Tailored Representation 

At KK Advising PLLC, we recognize that most of our clients never imagined themselves having to seek out legal help.
For employees, understanding that legal representation may be necessary can be a jarring rejoinder to the already disappointing realization that you and your contributions are being undervalued or compromised.  When you've invested so much energy and passion into your career, it can feel like everything is at stake.  
For employers, it can be frustrating to realize that much of the advice about how to navigate challenging circumstances is premised on a misguided zero-sum approach, where for the organization to win, the employees have to lose.  Those who care about doing the right thing don't want to compromise their values around providing equitable, inclusive and supportive environments. 
KK Advising provides an alternative approach from what other law firms and lawyers push.  Where others have a set script they follow and may rush their clients into open adversarial conflict, KK Advising takes the time to work with and guide the client to find the best approach to navigating the unique challenges they confront.  Instead of being handled by an assortment of lower-level attorneys and staff, with a partner acting only as a mouthpiece, you can count on the full attention of KK Advising's founder Katherine Kimpel.  And where other representation may be driven by the self-interested agenda of strengthening a lawyer's own public brand through flashy press releases and news coverage or by forcing one-size-fits-all solutions, KK Advising recognizes that discrete, private approaches are often in the best interest of our clients and everyone else involved.   
Although Kate's award-winning litigation record ensure that folks take note when she speaks on behalf of her clients, she also has a reputation for bringing a level of decorum and an interest in finding win-win solutions to difficult employment relationships.  Powerful representation need not be hostile, and approaching interactions in a less-antagonistic manner can ensure long-lasting, respectful relationships and better, more creative solutions.  
At the end of the day, that is why clients seek out KK Advising.  Only a lawyer who is fully prepared to devote the time to act as an advisor and counselor, who is invested in listening and understanding each client's unique needs and expectations, can deliver the kind of tailored representation and creative resolutions needed to keep the most impressive and promising careers on course.  While most clients come to KK Advising through direct referrals, if you need an advocate to help you handle your employment challenge with nuanced care, feel free to contact KK Advising.
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